Red Legacy Sale 2015 Welcome

August 4, 2015

We Welcome You to our Red Legacy Sale highlighting the bulk of the NCC Red Brahman breeder herd. We are retaining a dozen or so red females and yes, we remain as committed as ever to breeding top quality Brahman seedstock. This initiative will free up some room for an expansion of our Grey Brahman operation and the few red cows retained will work in our on-going Red Stud multiplication programme.

The cows and heifers on offer represent the backbone of the success NCC Red Brahmans have enjoyed in Australia’s Brahman industry during the last 12 years. That success has come from our paddocks to the Sale rings, to the Show rings and, most importantly to the herds of many other Studs and commercial cattle producers who have benefitted from investment in our red genetics. The results we see broadly across the industry from NCC bloodlines is an affirmation of the genetic strength and direction that stands behind the breeding power of these females. It is the highest tribute to this herd that in the last three years at the Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale the top price red bull has been sired by an NCC bull twice, and on the other occasion, the dam of the top price red bull was a daughter of an NCC sire.

We have been very strict from day one with our maintenance of the herd, precluding animals should any evidence of udder, teat, temperament, constitution or mothering faults be observed. This is an extremely sound and fertile herd of great genetic strength that is breeding true to type, and which expresses the best qualities of the combination of leading bloodlines we have introduced from around the world. 24 Elmo daughters, 5 Redmount daughters, 4 NCC Zulu daughters, 3 Shogun daughters, 4 Springbok daughters are in the Sale as well as the ‘premiere’ sale offerings of young daughters of Show Champion Santoro and new import JDH Stratton! Our best red family lines including Selinda, Merlene, Dienka, Cindy, etc. are all on offer! 12 Poll Females are included!

All our Stud red sires: NCC Santoro, NCC Shogun, Ooline Legacy and Lanes Creek Slingshot are offered in this Sale. Santoro and Shogun have done so much for the NCC prefix, we’ll be sad to see them go, however their already established credentials will ensure they create their own positive legacy in the herds of their new owners. I’m sure you realise sires of this extraordinary calibre just do not come onto the market, and it is only this major reduction that presents this valuable opportunity.

Legacy and Slingshot, young sires we were pleased to secure for our Stud herd, also offer attractive qualities and are herd proven for Studs looking for ‘ready to go’, strong pedigree sires.
No bull or female in this Sale has ever been hoof trimmed.

Our predictions outlined in our Bull Sale catalogue of 2014 have been well and truly reinforced by recent positive beef cattle prices and industry activity in Central and Northern Australia. We said then – It Is The Time for Brahmans; greater prosperity will flow to those who invest in their herds. Increased returns to commercial cattle producers will be the catalyst for more quality and performance driven bull buying in the period ahead. Studmasters, it is the time to forge ahead with industry proven quality genetics. That’s what we will continue to be doing: driving our grey Stud programme further forward, as we offer the great majority of our extensive and highly productive NCC Red Stud herd to you, with our highest recommendation.

Each and every one of the lots in this Sale we feel has a high value within the Australian red Brahman industry. We know the cows, heifers and sires of our red herd will reward your investment in them, as they have for us for many years. Best wishes with your purchases.

We look forward to you joining us at Inverrio on Saturday 12th September.