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Welcome to NCC Brahmans, a Central Queensland Brahman stud, where love for cattle breeding and commitment to quality intertwine to form a legacy of excellence in the industry.


Welcome to NCC Brahmans, where the heart of Central Queensland is home to some of the country’s finest Brahman cattle. For over twenty years, a steadfast commitment to quality, productivity, and breed excellence has defined our approach.

Our Legacy

NCC Brahmans’ bulls embody the core of what the Australian beef cattle industry aims for – an unyielding drive towards enhanced productivity. These robust creatures are not only the backbone of our operations but are also a testament to the industry’s vibrant future.

Our Brahman females represent a unique blend of beauty and strength, merging appealing pedigrees with quiet demeanours and a stylish appearance. They are the result of meticulous care and selective breeding, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality.

Events of note

Each October, NCC Brahmans is honoured to host Australia’s largest single vendor Brahman sale selection. This event, along with our consignments to high-profile events throughout the year, offers a glimpse into the heart of our operations and the results of our dedicated efforts.

The journey continues in 2024 with the NCC $200,000 Genetic Challenge. Billed as the richest cattle show in Australian history, this event is an opportunity to celebrate the best in Brahman genetics and support the continued growth of our beloved industry.

At NCC Brahmans, our primary goal is to raise cattle that express consistency of impressive breed quality and strength of beef performance. This isn’t about breaking records or garnering accolades, but rather the satisfaction derived from our contribution to the Brahman breed and the Australian beef cattle industry.

We invite you to share in our journey, and witness first-hand the quality, dedication, and passion at the heart of NCC Brahmans.

2023 Annual Brahman Sale

We look forward to hosting you at “Inverrio” for our Annual Brahman Sale, coming up 24th October 2023 at 10:30 AM.


Before we have the pleasure of welcoming you to ‘Inverrio’ for in-person inspections, we invite you to explore our annual sale through our newly released videos. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


View our annual sale catalogue online, featuring 84 bulls and 49 females. Familiarise yourself with our exceptional lineup as we eagerly await welcoming you to the sale.

online bidding

Ensure you don’t miss out by registering for online bidding in advance. Bookmark this link and prepare for an outstanding sale experience from the comfort of your home.

pre-sale events and inspection days

Open Invitation

With an exceptional, broad selection of new, first release genetics among the Bulls and Heifers this year, we invite you to visit “Inverrio” to make a thorough assessment of the offering during any of our Inspection Days.

  • Friday 29th, Saturday 30th September, Sunday 1st October
  • Friday 20th, Saturday 21st, Sunday 22nd October
  • Monday afternoon 23rd October

2023 Annual Brahman Sale

Be sure to save the 24th of October, 2023, on your calendar. It’s the day we, at NCC Brahmans, host our annual sale, Australia’s largest single vendor Brahman sale selection. Being at Inverrio on Sale Day is an experience in itself. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you.

NCC $200,000 Genetic Challenge

in Rockhampton23rd and 24th of August 2024


Brett Nobbs

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NCC Brahmans
Duranga, QLD


Rockhampton to Inverrio – 100km • Duaringa to Inverrio – 18km • Dululu turnoff to Inverrio – 36km