2014 NCC Annual Brahman Sale

September 27, 2014

Inverrio Duaringa
11am Tuesday October 28 2014


Welcome all cattle producers to the 2014 NCC Annual Brahman Sale at our home, “Inverrio”.  We consider our Sale offering to be the best overall team of bulls we have bred and submitted to auction – ideal for the beef industry, ideal for the Brahman industry.

We welcome the Fenech Family of Fenech Brahmans as Invited Vendors in the Sale with 15 grey bulls.

What a year it has been!  In April we took a small Show team to the Sydney Royal Show to support the 50th Anniversary of Brahman Showing at the Royal Easter Show.  It was the first time we have ever taken NCC Brahmans into a Show ring.  The event was enormously successful, with 130 head the biggest ever Brahman showing in New South Wales, and showcased the Brahman breed at a level unparalleled in recent beef industry history.  Under Judge Matt McCamley, we were delighted to achieve Broadribbons for Supreme Brahman Exhibit, Senior and Grand Champion Bull, Junior Champion Bull, Calf Champion Bull, Most Successful Exhibitor, Breeders Group, Sires Progeny Group, Reserve Junior Champion Heifer and Reserve Calf Champion Heifer.  Our Supreme Champion, Santoro, then optimised the spotlight for the breed when he was judged 2nd, against all comers, in the prestigious Interbreed Bull Award.

This Show result, breed and interbreed, gave us great satisfaction as a measure of the NCC herd’s beef industry suitability, and provides a strong endorsement of NCC bloodlines to all our clients.  We like what we are seeing, more and more Sale ring success for fellow breeders at numerous stud sales, with NCC bloodlines prominent in their Sale team pedigrees, and for our commercial buyers of bulls, benefits on your kill sheets and liveweight scale printouts.

We strongly urge everyone to view our enhanced NCC Sale online video presentation.  We have improved it further by highlighting and expanding the focus on a number of the bulls we consider are the lead Sale prospects.  This will include Sires for Studmasters and some of the outstanding commercially focussed bulls as well.  They will be detailed outlining their individual qualities and suitability.  Log on to www.nccbrahmans.com.au from the end of September and you can watch it from your home/office, etc. at any time.  We also invite any pre-Sale enquiries on individual bulls, and inspections are always welcome any time leading up to Sale day.

The NCC Sale line is the biggest single vendor offering of registered Brahman bulls to be sold this year.  The uniformity of type through the line is impressive and is what we aim for.  Structural correctness, imposing masculinity, excellent testicles, strength of bone and muscle, optimum breed quality and real constitution, all representing exclusive pedigrees of great depth and ‘blue chip’ Brahman breed value.  Our safe, healthy, soft, silage based Sale preparation in the paddock maintains the intestinal health and soundness of feet and legs of our bulls to allow a ‘no fuss, no worries’ easy adaptation to buyers’ paddocks.  It also allows our bulls to express their natural genetic advantages for weight performance and carcass attributes, the benefits of which are keenly sought by all beef breeders.

You might remember the ‘tale of the tape’ of our total Sale team last year.  Average age 28 mths, weight 843kg, Scrotal size 38 cms, EMA 136 sqcm.  38 bulls scanned EMA’s of 135 sqcm & over, 26 had 140 sqcm EMA or over and 4 bulls scanned 150 sqcm EMA’s and over, up to a top of 154 sqcm!  That’s certainly beef performance power, and we expect this year’s draft will match or better them.

If you haven’t been to our Sale before you’ve probably read the headlines about the higher priced bulls.  The fact of the matter is that 62% of the bulls (57) sold last year from $3,000 to $5,000.  That sort of price range availability lets all Studmasters and bullock breeder buyers and budgets into the bidding here on really top class bulls.

In our Sale catalogue Welcome of 2013 we foresaw and predicted a period of positiveness for the Brahman industry across Central and Northern Australia.  It has commenced, as the challenges of breeding cattle in Central and Northern Australia have again determined that well bred, fertile, high beef performance, ‘good’ Brahmans have no peer.  High has been the cost to many herds and producers and very much moreso where Brahman content has been weakened by the introduction of other breeds over the last couple of dry seasons.

The best and most efficient cost of production markets are now firmly aligned with ‘good’ Brahman cattle.  Live Export demand and prices are increasing very positively.  It is possible we will soon see boats being loaded out of Central Queensland.  The E.U. market is flying, demand for organic beef keeps growing and growing in big increments annually, health conscious beef consumers domestically and internationally are all looking for the qualities that Brahmans have naturally.

It is the time of the North.  It is the time to forge ahead by investing in high performance, genetically strong ‘good’ Brahmans for
your herd.

We invite your attendance on Tuesday 28th October and your appraisal of our strong Sale line-up.

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