2013 Sale Welcome

October 2, 2013

WELCOME all cattle producers to the 2013 NCC Annual Brahman Sale at our home “Inverrio”. We eagerly anticipate offering to the Studmasters and commercial cattle producers of the beef industry this Sale team of grey and red Brahman bulls and heifers. We have been excited about the prospects of this year’s NCC Sale draft right from an early stage, and the development and progression of these bulls and heifers through from calves to Sale time has easily fulfilled our highest expectations. Among this Sale draft of high standard bulls there is a sizable representation of sires we believe possess the essentials in type and breeding to become influential leaders of the Australian Stud Brahman industry. Yes, in overall terms it is the best line-up we have submitted to auction. We welcome the Fenech Family of Fenech Brahmans as Invited Vendors in the Sale. Their excellent young Sale team last year was well appreciated through buyer demand, and we are positive that the qualities and bloodlines in the strong FBC selection we have chosen this year, will again complement the Sale and offer buyers a broader genetic diversity of breed leading bloodlines. There is a balance of younger sires and mature age sires, a balance of greys and reds, however, whether younger or older, grey or red, upon inspection our bulls impose themselves on you through their impressive strength of growth, natural muscularity, bone, soundness of structure, breed quality, sire appeal and masculinity. Cast your memory back to 2012, the Sale supplementary sheet of our bulls showed David Reid EMA scans up to 145 sqcm. Around half of our bulls scanned 135 sqcm EMA and better, 17 bulls scanned 140 sqcm and better, and fat cover scan recordings showed exceptional evenness of finish. Two bulls in last year’s draft scanned the highest marbling (IMF%) that David Reid has ever recorded in the Brahman breed. Growth, weight for age, muscling, finish and softness – we’re extremely happy with where the NCC Brahman fits in relationship to the profit pointers of th e Australia’s beef industry. Studmasters will also welcome the fact that this year we have doubled the Sale heifer section. It is a real breeders’ opportunity as the quality, genetics and potential that underwrites these females is the best that has been offered here at NCC. We have said a lot about our grand sire Elmo. Many have invested in a son of his in the last two years and are now on the precipice of benefiting from their Elmo investment. We continue to regard him as a peerless sire – a ‘once in a century’ bull that has extended the boundaries of the Brahman breed. We are pleased to announce that we have recently received a semen consignment of the best Elmo son we could find in the U.S.A. – the powerful JDH Stratton Manso, and we look forward to utilising him in forthcoming breeding programmes. This Sale we have 48 sons and 7 daughters of JDH Mr Elmo Manso in our Sale, out of a special collection of damlines, of serious appeal to discerning breeders. To those of you who have yet to discover the rare combination of the proven breed and beef performance qualities of Elmo, we suggest 2013 is the year to do so! The Brahman Sale scene has contracted further this year. In contrast, at NCC we’re full steam ahead, gearing production up, as we see only positives for good Brahman cattle in Australia’s beef industry. The challenges of this and many other seasons in the vast areas of Northern and Western cattle country can’t be answered by other breeds. The reliability of returns from well bred, good quality, high beef performance, fertile Brahmans, across this nation’s Northern cattle industry, is unsurpassed across all seasons.