NCC Market at lead of industry

October 2, 2013

MEDIA RELEASE – Brahman News December 2013
McCaffrey’s Australian Livestock Marketing

No. Description Gross Average Top
92 Grey & Red Brahman Bulls $667,500 $7,255 $32,000 (twice) 100% Clearance
27 Grey & Red Brahman Heifers 110,600 4,100 15,000 87% Clearance
119 TOTAL $778,100

The Annual NCC Brahman Sale held at the immaculately prepared on-property sale ring complex at Inverrio, Duaringa, recorded outstanding results which again placed the event at the lead of seedstock auction sales in the nation.

Brett Nobbs with his parents Allen and Carolynne conducted the prestigious event with support from their invited sale vendor, Fenech Brahmans. A 100% clearance of 92 Grey & Red Brahman bulls averaged a hefty $7,255, while 27 of the Sale’s 31 Stud Heifers sold to average $4,095. In achieving such an exceptional result, the sale showed its credentials in not only delivering high quality stud sires to other leading studmasters of Australia’s Brahman industry, but also in supplying progressive commercial cattle producers with lines of strong beef performance bulls, endorsed with industry leading weight for age and carcass credentials, at prices which are most attractive to their bull buying budgets. The fact that over a quarter of the sale’s bulls sold into the five figure range ($10,000 and over), and the sale’s two leading volume buyers selected impressive lines of bulls averaging $3,520 and $3,180, has legitimately established the NCC Sale market as an outlet servicing both the stud and commercial sectors. “Our sale results show there are no price barriers to buying at NCC,” Brett Nobbs said, “we are delighted that many
of our sale bulls were selected by astute commercial producers at value prices to go into high quality herds, while there was good competition from leading studs on our sire prospects.”

The strong physical impression of the sale’s bull offering was underwritten by Brahman breed leading sale figures for weight and carcass scores. The bulls averaged 27.6 months of age, 825kg in weight, 135 sqcm eye muscle area, and fat covers of 12mm (P8) and 8mm (Rib). “They are beef industry measurements that any sale of any breed would be proud to own,” sale co-agent Ken McCaffrey said, “and they are certainly unmatched at any sale of Brahmans previously. These are the standards of genetic performance that will drive a lot more respect for Brahmans in the beef industry.” The sale began tentatively with Bill & Sue Blakeney of Coondoo shopping well to secure the first of the 2013 sale sons of JDH Mr Elmo Manso, a red for $15,000. NCC Worthing was the heaviest bull of the sale, 1,010kg at 32 months. Later on they bought another Elmo, a grey bred, long bodied, muscular sire for $11,500. At 28 months, he was a standout, scaling 950kg and scanning
a huge 150 sqcm EMA. At Lot 11 Gavin & Dillon Scott, Rosetta, Collinsville made the first of their three significant sire purchases. They outlaid $18,000 for NCC Sloane, another quality red Elmo son possessed of great bone, substance, natural weight performance and eye appeal. At the other end of the sale, Rosetta stuck to their task and outbid Stanbroke Pastoral Company to secure NCC Empire for the equal sale top price of $32,000. Empire too, is by Elmo, as was their third purchase, NCC Discotheque, a heavyweight (894kg), 25 month old red of tremendous natural muscling and finish for
which the Scott’s outlaid $13,000. Buyers were very complimentary in their assessment of the consistency of top quality breed and beef attributes right throughout the large, easily identifiable line of Elmo sale sons. It has been a long while since this country’s Brahman industry has seen such an influential sire, and studmasters and bullock breeders alike are awake to the exceptional potential he offers the industry. The 45 Elmo sons averaged $9,500, in a year considered the toughest the Brahman stud industry has encountered for a long time. In a three year period the Nobbs family have submitted over 100 bulls by JDH Mr Elmo Manso to the auction market at their annual sale and they have returned them an average price of $11,790. The equal sale topper was the young FBC Sire, Dynasty Manso, a 21 month old JDH Modelo Manso son. He’s a stylish, soft, sire prospect and he sold to Stewart, Stephanie & Tom Nobbs, Yoman, Moura. The Nobbs’ also purchased two high quality red sires. At $13,000 they secured NCC Redskin, a strong bodied poll, and at $15,000, NCC Dynasty, a powerful sire type by JDH Mr Elmo Manso out of NCC Dienka 238, one of NCC Stud’s most successful damlines. This outstanding 31 month old weighed 926kg and featured beautiful softness and strong breed quality. In the grey sires, NCC Boswell caught the eye of master breeders Ron & Daphne Kirk, Yenda Stud, Gayndah. In a trifecta of coincidences, Boswell was Lot 28, the Kirk’s bidcard number was 28 and they paid $28,000 to secure the impressive, big bodied, white grey sire. He too is very well bred out of a daughter of JDH Mr Boswick Manso and again by Elmo. The rising 2yo NCC Joplin, also carrying the Elmo/Boswick bloodline cross, was the subject of strong
studmaster attention before being knocked down to the Radel family, Yebna, Injune for $26,000. He is a bull of beautiful beef style and breed quality balance that scanned 140 sqcm EMA and weighed impressively 826kg. Robert White, Wilangi Stud, Marlborough was active in the bidding on a number of top grey sires including NCC’s sale topper. His purchase, at $22,000, was NCC
Edgewood, a full direct JDH bloodline sire by Elmo out of a JDH Sir Marri Manso imported daughter. He has the look of a sire, backed by a 936kg long muscular body, and a 151 sqcm EMA. His marbling IMF% of 5.4 also added to his significant Stud industry potential. Stanbroke Pastoral Company, Fort Constantine, Cloncurry invested in a tremendous line of 8 grey sires, all sons of
JDH Mr Elmo Manso, at an average of $10,375. Included in their strong team of purchases were at $20,000 NCC El Moro, again bred on the Elmo/Boswick cross, and at $17,000, the rising 2yo, potential packed NCC El Campo, which exhibited lovely muscle expression and softness. The well bred 2yo NCC Democrat, a bull of attractive breed character and substance was another Stanbroke purchase at $12,000. The 915kg FBC Galaxy Manso, a beautifully muscled, red coloured son of FBC Mr Zeus De Manso was a $15,000 purchase for Girrah Pastoral Company, Blackwater, while Roger
& Roslyn Nobbs, Garwin, Moura also selected a young grey out of the FBC draft for $16,000. Their purchase was FBC Griffin Manso, a rising 2yo by FBC Mr Arnie Manso, the same sire which produced the top price bull of the recent Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale. Les & Helen Donald’s El Ja Stud, Theodore outlaid $12,000 for FBC Ranger Manso, a well grown 2yo of high quality.
Early in the sale at Lot 8, Ion Jackson of Jaffra Brahmans bid to $10,000 for NCC Red Rock. This son of Adamac 2125 and a proven bloodline Lanes Creek cow, is long and strong, and powerfully muscled. He scanned an enormous EMA of 154 sqcm, one of the biggest eye muscle scans of any breed that industry leading carcass scanning authority David Reid has ever measured. Jim Bauer, Elanora Park, Monduran selected at $13,000, NCC Escabar, a full direct Hudgins bull of lovely length, muscling and soft finish. The same price was paid by the Connolly family, Milman Brahman Stud, Theodore for NCC Julio, a young son of Elmo, and one of four bulls that went to this repeat purchaser at an average of $7,375. AJ & Pam Davison of Viva Brahmans, Middlemount selected the 31 month old NCC Cicero for $10,000. There is certainly an abundance of market appealing genetic strength in his pedigree as he is a halfbrother to other bulls that have sold for $52,500, $40,000 and $13,000 in previous sales. Three red sires were purchased by Fort Cooper of Nebo up to a top of $10,000 for a high quality son of Elmo which weighed 966kg and scanned an EMA of
150 sqcm at 34 months.

Roland & Sally Everingham, Everingham Pastoral Company, Einasleigh responded to the valuable sale opportunity to invest in a line of value priced bulls from the offering. They selected wisely 24 bulls at an average of $3,520 for Oak Park Station. Fellow North Queensland cattle enterprises Red Rock Pastoral Company and Lanes Creek Station were also among the sale’s prominent buyers.
The eye catching, 2yo grey heifer FBC Lady Lilly Manso topped the female section prices at $15,000. She was purchased by the Hurrell Family, HH Park Brahman Stud, Gympie. Jason & Rachael Leitch, Manalee, Springsure paid $6,500 for a smart yearling heifer of impeccable bloodlines from FBC, while James Kent, JK Brahman stud, Rannes selected an attractive 21 month old heifer
from NCC for $6,000.

Agents: Queensland Rural and McCaffrey’s
Australian Livestock Marketing.